Texas Cultural District

Texas Cultural District

WImberley Valley Chamber of Commerce

What are Cultural Districts?

The creation and promotion of cultural districts has increasingly become a successful strategy for communities to rehabilitate historic neighborhoods and revitalize downtown areas.

As community leaders recognize the role of creative arts and culture in sustainable economic development, cities and states are seeking new ways to amplify the positive effects of this sector.

Texas’ Cultural District program has the potential to be a leading statewide catalyst for economic development. The willingness of communities to complete the application process that requires bringing together diverse local stakeholders, developing a detailed funding plan, and documenting strategies and tactics bodes well for long-term success. After reviewing the programs in other states and cities, a series of adjustments and recommendations emerged that would improve the competitiveness and viability of the Texas model. In addition, these changes should make it easier to encourage other communities to participate in the Cultural District program.

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