Symphony of Wimberley Assisted Living and Restorative Care

 Assisted Living,Healthcare Services

Heather Gerritse, Executive Director of Symphony reports,

“Simply stated our primary focus is to help individuals reach, and maintain, their highest level of functioning in daily life by regaining their strength, cognitive abilities and physical mobility.”


Located in Wimberley, Texas on RR 3237, Symphony offers a unique concierge level of care service for Assisted Living, Restorative Care and Respite Care at an affordable price.


Assisted Living services provide a solution for those needing a helping hand to assist with their daily needs.


Restorative Care is designed for the recovery of individuals needing short-term rehabilitation care so they can safely transition home and resume regular activities.


Respite Care services provide for the temporary relief of those serving as caregivers in the home. Daily or short-term overnight stays are offered if you are in need of a short break, or an extended vacation, we can assist.


We are just a call away.



Compassionate Care at an Affordable Price

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