What is ScriptCo?

It is a membership-based, wholesale pharmacy. Buying your medications at their wholesale cost was not possible, until now. ScriptCo is a true paradigm shift for Americans when it comes to accessing pharmaceuticals. Anyone can get on our website and look up the true wholesale cost of any generic medication without being a member. If ScriptCo saves you money you can signup immediately online!

How does it work?

Become a member. Membership is only .33 cents a day for an annual member ($120). We also have a quarterly payment option for membership. Next, you transfer your prescriptions from your current pharmacy to ScriptCo via the website. Once your prescriptions are transferred, you will be prompted to pay for your medications and shipping. Also, with ScriptCo there are no more limits on only being able to get a 30-90 day prescription supply. If your physician is willing to write you a prescription for a year, we can ship a years worth of medication. Before opening our doors we ran 51 people through our program to test the savings. For six of them, we couldn’t save any money. For the other 45, ScriptCo saves them anywhere from $400-$3900 a year over what they currently spend, after paying for their medications, membership, and shipping.

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